Print to Bricks & Figs

We are capable of printing custom patterns, images, and graphics onto bulding bricks, tiles and figures. For this, we use the latest UV printing technique with special fixtures to ensure that prints always align in the same position.


During UV printing, the ink is "burned/cured" onto the printed surface using UV light and creating a durable and long-lasting print with it.


Some examples from our recent prints:



Single-sided printing: 3,5 EUR/torso/print.

Double-sided printing: 4,5 EUR/torso/2-sided print.

We can provide figure components also. In this case you should calculate with extra 4,5 – 6,5 EUR as the price for the figure components.



For 2x2 or 1x4 tiles/bricks or smaller: 3,5 EUR/piece/print.

For 2x4 or 1x8-sized tiles/bricks: 4,5 EUR/piece/print.

For 2x6 or 1x8-sized tiles/bricks and larger bricks: 5,5 EUR/piece/print.

For 6x6 tiles or larger parts: 6,5 EUR/piece/print.

 These prices include the cost of the basic tile/brick colors, which are usually (black, white, light bluish gray, dark bluish gray, green, blue, red, yellow).



We can give discount at similar printing (similar printing design at the same time printing)

At 10 pcs similar printing - 10% discount

At 25 pcs similar printing - 20% discount

At 50 pcs similar printing - 30% discount


IMPORTANT! The minimum payment amount is 15 EUR. Below this amount, it is not cost-effective for us to working with printing topic. Thanks for your understanding!


If we can support you in printing components or figures, please contact us at or using the contact form below.